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Collection of photos presented on the following pages comes from the Constantine Gedal’s archives.
The authorship of these images is generally attributed to Gedal.Though a number of disagreements 
were voiced regarding this matter.

Gedal’s passion for collecting objects of all sorts was well known. The passion that at time 
amounted to obsession makes some believe that Gedal was merely a photography collector and had 
nothing to do with the actual production of these images.  Even if it were the case, Gedal should
be credited for building and preserving collection that draws attention. But most researchers 
don’t reach these extreme conclusions and grant that Gedal played some role in the creative process; 
yet the role remains unclear. Due to a wide range of themes and a quite different approach in 
subject matter treatment, there is no consensus if CGedal was the sole author of these works.

The group-efforts premise is reinforced by a few accounts indicating that for a brief period of time 
Gedal had a photo atelier operating under “CX Studio” name. The busy enterprise employed a number 
of photographers and assistants.  In particular, certain two women are mentioned numerous times 
in personal correspondence and records; they seemed to emerge and disappear throughout the years. 
Using the moment, we would ask anyone possessing information on these people or others involved 
to contact CGedal archives. A profound work has been done to locate the studio itself. All what was 
found is that at some point, a photo studio under the name “CXStudio” ran in Cologne. It was forced 
to close following well known events, and no reliable records were found as to the proprietor and
personnel or as to the works produced in the studio; except for the rumors that it was nothing 
but a cover for a workshop producing material of questionable character and poor taste.

Yet the purpose of this presentation is not to bring clarity into the past. Facts barely uncover 
reality; memory and recollections reconstruct picture discernible only to those who experienced 
the matter first hand. Regardless of the disputes and uncertainties surrounding these works, 
we believe they present interest to the viewer, and for not having other credible options 
we display them under Constantine Gedal’s name.

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